Lindvest Decor Centre

As a décor centre, it was very important to this customer that the finished product would reflect the high-end image associated with their company brand.




It is important to provide attractive sample packages to help home owners choose the finishes that will best serve them.  In doing so, we provide sample pieces for the collections. Before presentation, we ensure the samples have been professionally conformed to fit the template. From cutting down brick samples to providing home flooring solutions, we carefully pull the selected finish options together and ensure they are displayed in the most effective way for making them visually sound.




Lindvest requested a customized banner system in order to create a seamless image.Unfortunately, when we were about to put the banner into action we realized that we couldn’t get through the door with the frame.We then found a way to fabricate the frame in order to fit through the doors. Our framing solution gave us a way to unassemble the frame with minimal effort and then easily reassemble the frame on site.


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