Tridel Ten York

This sign presented a challenge since it needed to be mounted on the existing structure. However, using our innovation and high-quality designs, we were able to create a piece of hoarding that was attractive and safe at the same time.




For this piece of signage we were working with di-bond - Tridel’s standard signage substrate of choice. Given how attention getting this material proves to be, it makes a huge impact compared to the creazon substrate clients often choose. For the hoarding, we installed flush mounted PVC letters to make it really stand-out.



Urban Art

The hoarding that we created for Tridel included custom cut lettering that was 8' tall. The “Wow” factor that these massive letters provided made for an awe-inspiring project and a perfect solution for guaranteeing attention. Using 1” PVC, the hoarding was a perfect signage option to stand out in a big city with an already crowded landscape.




Di-bond was chosen as the substrate for this hoarding because of its durability. Without worry of the signage rotting away, as wood often does, nor finding the paint to start chipping away, a di-bond substrate stays pleasing to the eye longer. Di-bond hoardings that remain un-weathered longer are the perfect solution for showing you care about your company’s reputation.




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