We Love a Good Sign Challenge!


Curb Signs Inc. loves unique projects that provide interesting challenges that put both our sign and construction industry expertise to the test. Whether it be a billboard needed to be seen from a higher grade roadway, a 3D sign or custom sizes to get just the right fit into an existing space, we love a challenge!

One recent challenge Curb Signs Inc. took on was the banners at the Massey Tower Sales Centre. The sales centre itself was to be located within the historic Canadian Bank of Commerce building opposite the Eaton Centre. Registered by the City of Toronto in 1974 as a historic building, this sales centre had a unique issue, no building modifications could be done to impact the historical exterior of the building. This meant nothing be drilled into the exterior that would affect the facade of the building.

The client came to us wishing to install banners between the Greek style pillars over the entrance that faced Yonge Street. Being prevented from drilling in to affix a banner support structure, this project was not going to be straightforward or predictable. Normally our company would run a support structure off the main building to each of the columns and then support the banner arms with a bracket around each column. The middle banner is normally installed with adjustable brackets that would wrap around and tighten around each of the pillars. But being prevented from drilling into the outside walls, only the middle banner supported by adjustable brackets, could be installed using regular methods.

MOD Developments Massey Tower Sales Centre

The Puzzle

Our puzzle was to figure out was the outside two banners and how to appropriately hang them in safe manner. With a busy Downtown Toronto sidewalk nearby we wanted to be extra careful in ensuring the installation of the banners was done safely and that these banners would remain securely anchored for a long time to come. But how to do this?

Our company’s management team sat down with our designer and senior members of our installation team. Together, with decades worth of construction and sign experience present, several possibilities were discussed and visualized through computer sketching. Each technique was carefully reviewed from several different angles for viability. Several were removed due to a variety of concerns including ability to withstand wind, installation issues and more.


In the end an installation of two brackets that would be custom sized to be installed around the two pillars. These brackets would support the banner in the middle from both sides and the two outer banners from one side each. The main concern with this set up was the weight of the large vinyl banners on the brackets and associated metal support arms along with obvious interaction with the wind and other weather issues. Next, our company enlisted the help of a certified engineer to review our drawings, recommend bracket sizing and confirm the construction process was acceptable.


MOD Developments Massey Tower


The only real adjustments to our original construction idea was to extend the two outer banner arms to the edge of the building. At this point the banner arms would be adjusted to fit between the column brackets and the exterior walls to be better supported using tension. These banner arms would mainly be supported by the brackets around the columns but also further strengthened, similar to a bathtub curtain rod, through tension to the outside walls. This allowed the installation to not only be strongly secured but also ensured the historically protected facade would not be damaged.

The final two steps saw the custom manufacturing of brackets and arms by a local experienced welder and installation by the Curb Signs team.

Our client was extremely impressed with the results. An attractive eye catching set of banners that not only adhered to their marketing scheme for the Massey Tower development but also protected a historically protected building.

Have a custom sign challenge that would benefit from innovative construction and sign installation techniques? Curb Signs Inc. would be more than happy to review your situation and propose a custom solution that’s right for you!

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